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Hazel Color Lens( Plus Number)

Hazel Color Lens( Plus Number)

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Hazel color lenses are a popular choice for those looking to enhance the natural color of their eyes. These lenses are designed to create a warm, golden-brown hue that can complement a variety of skin tones and hair colors. Hazel lenses are available in both prescription and non-prescription options, making them a versatile accessory for daily wear or special occasions. Additionally, many brands offer hazel lenses with added features such as UV protection or moisture retention technology, ensuring both comfort and style. Whether for fashion or function, hazel color lenses are a great way to transform your look and enhance your natural beauty.

Hazel Color Lens Price in Pakistan

Al Irshad is a well-known brand in Pakistan that offers a range of high-quality contact lenses, including Hazel Color Lens. The price of Hazel Color Lens by Al Irshad may vary depending on the type of lens and the quantity purchased. However, customers can rest assured that they will be getting great value for their money as Al Irshad is known for their affordability and reliability. Those looking to enhance their natural eye color with a beautiful hazel shade can trust Al Irshad to provide top-notch lenses at an affordable price point.

Hazel Gray: Rs.2,200


How To Buy Hazel Color Lens In Pakistan?

If you're looking to buy hazel color lenses in Pakistan, Al Irshad is a great brand to consider. First, start by determining your prescription needs and selecting the appropriate lens type. Next, browse Al Irshad's selection of hazel color lenses to find the perfect shade that complements your eyes and skin tone. Compare prices and read customer reviews before making your final purchase. Al Irshad offers a wide range of hazel color lenses to choose from, so take your time in selecting the best option for you. With Al Irshad, you can trust that you are getting high-quality, comfortable lenses that will enhance your natural beauty.

Why Buy Hazel Color Lens?

The hazel color lens not only enhances your natural eye color but also adds depth and dimension to your overall look. This lens is perfect for those who want to make a subtle yet noticeable change to their appearance. Al Irshad's hazel color lens is made from premium materials and is designed to be comfortable and easy to wear. If you're looking to switch up your look, then the hazel color lens from Al Irshad is definitely worth considering.

Water Content 45% Polymer, 55% Water
Diameter 14.2mm
Base Curve 8.6mm
Power Range +0.50 to +8.00


Package Include:

1 Pair of Lens
Lens Case

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